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Stupid things you care too much about…

  • Whose fault it is. When you really think about it, does it REALLY matter who is to blame? Is a scapegoat REALLY necessary?
  • Gossip about celebrities and sports figures. For that matter, ANY gossip. What REAL benefit do you gain from learning and/or talking about these people? Does it help you do your job better? Raise your kids better? Or do you covet what these people have? Here’s a hint….what they have and do has ABSOLUTELY no bearing on your life. None. NEXT!
  • Jealousy. Don’t worry about things you can’t control. This applies to relationships, possessions, income, net worth, job, intelligence, etc. MAKE it happen, don’t watch things happen!
  • Being right. Even if you can prove beyond a doubt that you were right, what have you gained? Not much. In fact, you have LOST the respect of the person you proved it to. You learn more through making mistakes than through success. Don’t waste your time being right.
  • Politics. I recently unsubscribed from a number of Facebook feeds that are news and politics related. I got tired of getting all riled up over people who were WRONG politically (that is, in my OPINION they were wrong). These did not contribute to my success in life nor my relationships. Why did I waste my time? A visit today with my wife’s grandma gave me a better perspective on why the relationships in my life are more valuable than politics. Give it some thought.
  • Trying to impress other people. Think about times where you have done this other than a job interview or a presentation for your boss. How’d that go for you? Most of the time, you end up embarrassing yourself, right? The “Look At Me” syndrome didn’t really impress others when you were a kid. Even more-so now. STOP IT!
  • Being Offended. Our US Constitution guarantees Freedom of Speech. Some people’s speech will offend you. It’s bound to happen. People are going to have different opinions than you do. If you’re offended, that’s fine. You don’t have a right to NOT be offended. And you don’t have the right to silence opposing views.
  • Stuff. Your identity in life is not determined by your stuff. Your value to the people who mean the most to you is not determined by your stuff. And if it is, you have more problems than I can help you with. To be a person of significance, don’t focus on your stuff. Focus on your people.
  • Hiding your flaws. Don’t waste your time and money. People will see your flaws, anyway. Your value to others will not diminish because of your flaws. Let me tell you something. Lean in and I will whisper something to you. The people you are hiding your flaws from also have flaws. And they are trying to hide them from you. Don’t waste your time. Spend your time being a person of value and quality.

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